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27 Apr 2020

Lockdown knitting lessons

Lockdown! My gosh what is happening to the world? I don't know about you, but I swing wildly from being completely calm and OK, but then I move towards feeling really panicked and anxious!

One thing keeping me sane is knitting. I've always loved knitting and I'm sure I've blogged about it loads before. I've recently just finished a cable knit jumper to replace my old Topshop one which was bobbled and stained (my one on the left, Topshop on the right)

After chatting to some people on Instagram, I decided to start doing knitting lessons. Together we can knit a hot water bottle cover as a good way to learn the basics of knitting

I've uploaded the basic videos to YouTube - how to cast on, knit and purl. If you'd like to knit along with me to make the hot water bottle cover, go to my Instagram page and watch the stories highlight for the information, and then look at the IGTV videos which will talk you through making this. 

The yarn I have used is called Bloom by Biffsugar Yarns and I've done some videos here on learning the basics. 



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