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14 Mar 2019

Sponsored: doggy day trip diary to the Isle of Wight + voucher code

Last weekend, we were lucky enough to be taken to the Isle of Wight by Wightlink with our little doggy Teddy. We had a brilliant day trip exploring the west side of the island, finding great dog walks and a lovely dog friendly cafe. 

We travelled from Lymington in the New Forest to Yarmouth on the Isle of Wight

We were in the queue for the ferry and let on really quickly. Ted seemed to enjoy the journey and looking out the window despite being a really anxious dog. He loved looking out the windows. 

We drove down to Brook beach to walk Ted. It was right on the south coast and about a 15-20 minute drive from Yarmouth. It was a wild, windy but sunny day and we had a good explore. It is apparently a great place for fossils so we did some fossil hunting. The cliffs to the side of the sand were amazing colours of blue, turquoise and purple and you could see the white cliffs in the background. 

We found a beautiful, cold waterfall halfway down the beach which Sam started throwing Teddy's ball into, to make him go in the water! 

We then found a big section of rockpools and had a good look in loads of them for little fishies and crabs. We found some anemones and seagulls but that was all. I also didn't find any fossils sadly. 

After a good walk, we were pretty tired and hungry so we went to The Piano Cafe in Freshwater. It was a dog friendly cafe so Teddy could sit in with us while we had a lovely lunch. I had a fish finger sandwich 

And Sam had the Piano burger which was also really lovely. (He won the best choice competition)

We also ordered a fried halloumi salad on the side - yum!

Afterwards we had coffee and puddings. I had one of these melty looking millionaire's shortbreads which was delicious. 

We were then ready for going home in the late afternoon. Teddy was tired out and slept the whole journey home so I can recommend the IOW if you have a hyperactive dog who never stops. 

If you'd like to go to the Isle of Wight with your pup with 30% off, go to www.wightlink.co.uk/dog30 and use the code LAUREN which is active until 31st March so get booking!


  1. I think you took this trip right before we went into lockdown. So I can imagine this would be so memorable for you. Anyways, I am one of the dissertation writers, so I have been writing so much for the past year and I badly need a breather like this, just some fresh air, some amazing food, and some amazing company.

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