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1 Jan 2019

My 2018 Temperature Blanket

Happy New Year and welcome to 2019! To mark the date, I've completed my temperature blanket for 2018! It was an idea I saw on Instagram - each day you crochet a line which represents the temperature that day. I chose to do the highest temperature in Bournemouth each day. 

Step 1 was to make the key. I chose KnitPicks Brava Worsted yarn because they had such a fantastic range of colours and it's so cheap. I looked at the record high and low temperatures in Bournemouth to make sure I had a full range, and then chose a colour to represent every 5 degrees. I initially bought one ball of each colour, but quickly had to stock up on the middle colours. In hindsight, I might have chosen to get my wool from Hobbycraft because it was cheaper to collect than to pay Knitpicks shipping costs. 

I then used a 4.5mm hook to do a chain of around 450 stitches I think (I did it as wide as the sofa). I then used British double crochet to do a line each day, keeping a list on my phone of the temperatures each day from the Met Office website and using the Time and Date website to make up for when I forgot to write it down. Each line took me about 20 mins. I also included a silver glitter sewing thread on the special days like our 30th birthdays, the day we got engaged and the day we moved to Bournemouth. It's a great way to help us work out roughly when the temperatures were too!

And now it's finished! 

Rather than sewing in the ends which would take me hours and hours, I decided to tie them into tassels each week

I got this cute little tag from Ambient Lab on Etsy to mark that I made it and the year the blanket covered for £1.



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