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22 Dec 2018

Bournemouth Bloggers - The Body Shop Christmas Event

On Sunday last week, my BFF Sarah and I were invited to a Christmas VIP event at Bournemouth Body Shop to look at their ranges. We were treated with prosecco and a generous 40% off (although I still managed to over-spend)

Look! I have lippie on my nose! I don't know how I do it!

Sarah and I had a go at sniffing everything and putting all the makeup samples on our hands, so we've brought a selection of things we liked most

Sarah was a big fan of the perfumes. She bought a few as presents for friends. We really liked the atlas rose one - it wasn't too "rosey" like Turkish Delight and wore really nicely. 

The lip colours were lovely - I was really taken with the bright one at the very end. I didn't get one - I was waiting to see if I already had the same shade in another range because I have a terrible habit of buying the same colour again and again!

They also had a spray on glitter (see the slow mo!) which was amazing (and EVERYWHERE). We all came away with it on our clothes, in our hair, everywhere. The lady in the store also said you can spray it on wet nail varnish to give a sparkle. 

I was also amazed by this liquid eyeshadow - its really hard to capture that they look just like liquid metal

I bought one of these foundations - They are Matte clay skin clarifying foundations and have a tea tree smell. I've only tried it once so far, and it was VERY matte. My sister in law loves them so I think I need to get some help from her to work out how to apply it well. 

I found these gorgeous hand cream crackers which would be awesome for any girly Christmas party. 

After the event, Sarah and I went to Bournemouth gardens to see the Christmas Tree Wonderland. It was so lovely walking around all the lights, slightly tipsy

and having spent too much... In the end I got a foundation, a bright pink lippie, some bits for my mother-in-law, a huge pump Mango shower gel, and the camomile cleansing oil and balm


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