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20 Nov 2017

My Favourite Autumn Look and house hunting!

If you've been keeping up with my ramblings on Instagram, you'll know we're trying to move house at the moment. We're moving from my home town outside of Portsmouth, to Bournemouth. Sam and I both have new jobs there so we're hoping to move ASAP.  This means we've been doing a lot of house hunting. Let me tell you, this is no easy task. 

It involves lots of wandering around, arriving early for viewings and walking up and down the street to check the area out. Not being from Bournemouth, we're having to suss out each area as we arrive. This means I need a warm outfit and lots of layers - keeping warm outside and able to take them off when we get inside or in the car. This has been my standard cold weather, being outdoors outfit

Taking inspiration from my Autumn Pinterest board, I've been wearing a lot of this outfit. I was sent the River Island jacket last week and I don't think I've taken it off since. It's fully lined with faux fur and it's so thick, warm and soft! It's like snuggling down into a soft cloud on my long commutes in the dark, and I love it! Plus it has huge pockets so perfect for throwing my phone and keys into before running to the next viewing.

Jacket: River Island black Faux Leather Aviator Jacket £90
Scarf: New Look Check scarf £9.99
Trousers: Levi 501 CT tapered jeans (£85 from Levis or £67.99 from Zalando)
Shirt: New Look Iris shirt £22.99 on Amazon
Hat: From New Look last year, but similar here
Shoes: Studded flats from LOTD £18
Bag: DKNY Gansevoort medium (£270 but I got it in the Zalando sale in the new year)

I don't know about you, but lipstick makes me feel like I'm in control! Sam's been laughing at me because every time we go to view a house I think I'll really like, or before I make that "Location Location Location" offer phone call from the coffee shop, I always top up my lippie. I've been wearing either MAC Ruby Woo (my favourite and what I'm wearing in this one) or MAC Sin on a rainy day. 

So far we've had some luck! We've found a house we really want! We've put an offer in on one we love! The hard part is not falling too in love with the house because I keep being warned that house sales always fall through and we could lose it. However mentally Sam and I have totally moved into our "new family home" and keep talking about what we'll do to it, where we'll put all our furniture, what life will look like living in the house... sigh. Our house has a buyer, but we're waiting with high anxiety for her to find a buyer so we can definitely confirm the offer on the house we want has been accepted. Obviously I'll keep you all posted as we go through the process. Please keep everything crossed for us!

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