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16 Jul 2017

Lazing in the sun - Jacamo edit

A little while back, Jacamo contacted me, asking if I would like to dress my boyfriend Sam. Obviously I said I'd love to! Jacamo aim to dress any man, so they promised to be able to dress Sam who is 6'2" with a long torso and a slim, muscular build.

I chose a raglan t-shirt and some pink shorts (details below). I caught him having a coffee in the garden so grabbed some photos of him, before heading out to the beach (didn't fancy bringing my nice camera to where there's lots of sand!) Plus I was desperate to show off my lovely pot plants - look mum I haven't killed any of them!

I styled the outfit - adding some turnups (I turn up everything at the moment!) and the white pumps. Sam is wearing the Black Label belted check shorts in red (£30) and the Jacamo Drake raglan t-shirt in long (£10).

The fit of the clothes was quite loose - Sam often tends to wear skinny cuts so this was a bit alien to him! However I think he rocked it. The longer length top was welcome as he often finds t-shirts a little short on the torso.


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