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26 Jul 2017

Boohoo Bridal - highstreet wedding dresses

I've been doing a bit of work with lovely Southampton Wedding Photographer, Ryan Hewett. We went to West Wittering beach a couple of weeks ago to have a play at wedding photographs on the sand. To help out, I thought I'd get a wedding-y dress, but didn't want to spend out a lot. Looking around online I discovered that Boohoo have a bridal range! I bought this wrap over dress with sheer details for £25. 

Credit to the very talented Ryan Hewett - Hampshire Wedding Photographer

It was quite a windy day, so Ryan had the idea to grab a big piece of sheer white fabric from Fabric Land in Southampton to flap around in the wind. We went late in the evening, at "the golden hour" to capture the beautiful gold light. The photos would make lovely canvasses if they were of your real wedding!

Boohoo seem to be doing loads of bridal things at the moment - they are doing hen party clothes and accessories, morning of the wedding PJs and undies and clothes for the day! They are also doing a huge range of white maxi dresses at the moment which are so cheap! This dress was lovely - so many layers of fabric to give it a gorgeous swish. It was a wrap-around style which could be sucked right in at the waist! Perfect.

The only problem I had dancing around the beach was it needed tit-tape! I wore it with the Wonderbra low-front bra which was brilliant, when I kept still! However running up and down, flapping the fabric around it did keep coming apart and showing my bra!


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