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23 Apr 2017

Review: Wella Color Fresh 7/44 semi-permanent hair dye

Every now and again I fancy a change with my hair. I've dyed it lots of different colours with wash-in, wash-out dyes but I fancied something a little longer-lasting about 6 weeks ago. My close friend/hairdresser Jen did some research and recommended Wella Color Fresh - a "true semi" meaning it really did fully wash out. She got it from a trade store, but it looks like you can get it online.

I wanted to go ginger, so we used 7/44, a "medium intensive red blonde" on my highlighted, dark blonde hair.

IT went on VERY red! We left it for around 20 minutes before washing it out. The pack came with gloves which were necessary as it was a very messy dye. You apply it to shampooed, towel-dried hair, making sure you apply it evenly and comb through each section. You then thoroughly rinse, and you get...

Little mermaid hair! I love that this snapchat filter came out on the day I had little mermaid hair so I could fully pose.

The fade-out is documented through my phone photos so apologies for quality at times...

Day 1:  My hair was very red! I loved it and it got lots of compliments and attention!

After one wash it was much less bright!

and after two washes it was the perfect, natural ginger which I wanted to achieve!

and it continued to fade through rosey tones

At this point it was more pink than I wanted, so I layered on some Superdrug Colour Effects dye in rich red (See my review here) to help it continue fading more ginger.

After a few weeks, it was entirely gone! It stuck a little longer around my roots compared to the ends, because I have more bleach there. However it came out the bleach entirely, and was helped along by a little Head and Shoulders at the end stages. If you look at recent blog posts you'll see it's gone. I do have quite "warm" hair (I think that's hairdresser term for a bit strawberry) so I wasn't sure it wad washed out, but when I put my blonde hair extensions in, they blend in just as well as before.

Overall, for around £7.80, it was great fun! I also have another application's worth in the bottle.

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