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26 Apr 2017

Review: MAC Fluidline Gel Eyeliner in Shade

 As someone who wears eyeliner every day, I have tried lots of different ones. I used to stick with little brushes in pots liquid liner, but at work I noticed my supervisor had a gorgeous eyeliner on - it looked matte black, as she moved around and moved her eyes, I noticed it was actually a dark green when it caught the light. I loved how subtle it was and said (embarrassingly) "please take this as a compliment - I love your eyeliner because it reminds me of magpie feathers when they catch the light". It could have gone badly, but my supervisor (being the lovely woman she is) took it well and told me it was MAC

That weekend I ran to MAC and said "I need an eyeliner you do which is kind of black but actually green" and thankfully the lady knew what I was gabbling on about and said "oh that's called Shade". I immediately bought it and began playing around with it. It's £16.50 and I got it from Debenhams

For the purposes of this blog, it was so hard to photograph. I took photos of it in the pot, out of the pot next to black, with and without flash... and it was so hard to tell it wasn't black in the photos. I managed to get some though. With this eyeliner, the more you apply, the darker it looks on the eyes.

It's a lovely smooth texture, but firmer than their classic black eyliner "blacktrack". However it smooths out evenly and can be built up to look darker. I found it quite hard to apply to a perfect "point" at the ends however as it kind of fades out as you'll see in the photos. I also had a difficulty with this colour when it dries as it seems to stay "wetter" than the black eyeliner from the same range and therefore can transfer to the browbone when I look up. This might be because I layer it on quite thick to get the black/green colour, so I have to make sure I don't look up! However once it is dry, it's not budging and will last all day without smudging or running off!

The best way to demonstrate how it looks is with photos of it on my face! So here is me at a normal distance

I like to think you can't really tell it's green on first glance, but it makes my green eyes look brighter. Then as I talk and move around and hold eye contact maybe you might start to notice it's green? This is indoors, in darker light.

Then close up...

and in brighter light...

Also quick question to dyed blonde girls - what do you use on your eyebrows to define them, but so they don't look too dark or ginger. This is Wunderbrow in blonde and I've just realised how orange it is!

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