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5 Apr 2017

Charity Ball Tulle Skirt Outfit

A couple of weeks ago, my family and I went to a charity ball! The ball was in aid of Hope for Children to raise money to climb Kilimanjaro and therefore raise more money for Hope for Children.

I wore a tulle skirt from Reathua on Etsy which I have had for about two years and never worn. It just never seemed like the right occasion and I was never sure what to wear it with. That's pinterest's influence for you! It was about £30 and I could request the perfect length and waist. I love it because it has a zip back meaning the waist band is smooth and more flattering than elasticated waists. Since wearing this I would definitely consider buying a full length one!

I paired it with a petite crop top from Maya at ASOS. I don't have a petite torso, but the normal crop tops were too long and didn't give the gap of skin I wanted so I bought petite. 

Finally, I accessorised with all pink - my pink Mulberry Lily from Bicester, pink heels from tReds, and pink wine! I also discovered MAC Pink Pigeon lipstick was a perfect bright pink match and lasted really well.

I also got to practice my photography skills - I recently did a wedding photography course at Eastleigh College which was fab and taught me a lot about using flash and taking my Nikon off the auto setting! I'm still trying to teach myself Lightroom but was happy with the quality of these pictures.

The night was lovely, and I got to spend it with my lovely family. It was so lovely to have them all together. I also got to spend way too much time chatting to my brother's girlfriend about makeup - she's a pro!


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