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8 Aug 2016

Learning to like coffee!

I don't like coffee, I prefer tea myself but it seems like everyone drinks coffee! I get asked "let's go out for a coffee" or "shall we get a coffee and go for a walk?" and each time I have to wait, go through the messing around with a teabag (or embarrassingly an entire tray with tea pot and milk pot etc!) Anyway, it seems coffee is the social drink! A couple of weeks ago I was sent some Beanies Coffee to try out, as a way to ease me into hard core real coffee drinking!

In an effort to get "into" coffee, I thought these Beanies blends may help out. They're only 2 calories a drink and have lots of different flavours. I've been trying out Chocolate Orange and Amaretto Almond instant coffees.

My personal favourite is the chocolate orange. Firstly, they smell AMAZING. They're a lot like fruit teas in that they smell really flavoury, but they taste much less like the flavourings than the smell if you prefer a proper coffee flavour. I tried them both black and with milk and although I still don't really like coffee (sorry Beanies, you did a great job!), Sam and Sarah think they're delicious and are quickly working their way through the tubs! I can see these being really popular in the office and a lovely little treat or gift - plus you can buy a set of 9 mini jars in your own selection of flavours for £22.50 so they make a great coffee selection box for those who don't love chocolate!

Do you have any tips for how to like coffee? Or how to make tea less of a hassle!


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