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30 Aug 2016

Gym makeup - what I wear

Wearing makeup at the gym - yes or no? It seems to be such a huge debate, with people on one side shaming women for wearing makeup to exercise, and the other side where women feel ashamed to leave the house without makeup. It's a minefield. Some arguments say it's bad for your skin, but then so is sweat - wash it all off when you get home! It sometimes feels that the anti-makeup brigade feel if someone wants to wear makeup in the gym, it must mean they don't put effort in or aren't taking exercise seriously. (although to me, exercise is a hobby, and I don't take any hobbies too seriously, they're meant to be fun right?). I also totally sympathise with people who feel they might like to wear a little makeup for a confidence boost. I've had terrible skin, if I felt self-conscious about another spot on my face it would definitely distract me from lifting! Vain and self-conscious, me? Yes. In a world where people get judged for wearing too much makeup and also for not wearing any, is there a right answer?

I am clearly a no makeup to the gym kinda girl when I'm going first thing in the morning - what's the point? I'm only going to wash my face when I've finished! However my favourite gym time is the second I get home from work. I like to throw my laptop and work bag into the house, quickly get into my gym gear and get straight out the door again. I take a nano second to throw my hair up, but I don't bother taking my makeup off! Then I can go run, punch or stretch out the stress of the day and start my evening right. However, this means that for gym days, I have to make sure my makeup will survive the whole day at work plus a workout. Here's what I wear. 

Blusher: a tiny dot of MAC Casual Colour in Keep it Loose

And how I look after exercise (I did a Kayla Itstines arms and abs circuit and weight lifting):

I find the makeup mostly stays in place. Because my foundation is so thin, more of a tinted moisturiser, it tends to melt off over the course of the day so I don't get the foundation sweat moustache look. The eyeliner and mascara stays nicely in place and a gel blusher means it also tends to melt away more easily than a powder blush. I'm most impressed with the eyeliner and mascara - normally I'm a bit panda-eyed by lunchtime with some formulas but these really are sweat proof!


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