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23 Aug 2016

Evening Skincare Routine - a spotty blogger's discoveries

Here's part 2 of my skincare journey. Check out this post for my spotty bloggers daytime skincare routine! As I said before, I'm doing my best to treat my skin really well, using guidance from lots of bloggers and beautiful friends.

My evening routine is a little more complicated than my morning one as I have more time. I like the idea of piling on products and waking up the next morning looking like a different person! This routine is the one I generally use for "maintenance" when my skin is doing ok. I will share my spotty skin routine soon. 

1. Double Cleanse 
When I've had a long day with makeup and SPF on my face, a double cleanse means I can get all grime off and reduce the chances of spots. I like to use Body Shop Camomile Cleansing oil first (£10) to get off the greasy residue. You put this onto your dry skin and massage, then wet hands and massage again to form a bit of soap, then wash off with a CLEAN face cloth. I follow this up with Body Shop Camomile Cleansing Butter (£10 in the tin). Again you take a tiny bit of this and massage it into your dry face. It will melt into an oil, and then wet and foam, and remove with a face cloth again. These last ages as you only use a tiny bit.

2. Gentle Exfoliate
Again, I don't use physical exfoliators much, but this gentle one from Indeed is quite nice. It's a powder you add a few drops of water to and rub it into your skin gently. This is Indeed Powdered Exfoliator (currently £12.66)

3. Remove makeup
I make sure I have all last traces of makeup off with micellar water. My currently favourite is the Garnier micellar water (£3.33) because it's such great value for money and really gentle on my sensitive eyes. I tried the Garnier oil infused ones and my eyes swelled up enormously! I use a cotton pad to wipe away all my last eye makeup and anything else I've missed when half asleep.

4. Acid tone
The acid in my evening tone is Salycilic acid (an LHA) in this La Roche-Posay Efficlar lotion (£11). It helps unclog pores, perfect skin and reduce oil. Tingly!

5. Retinol
Retinol is a form of vitamin A and is given to people with acne to help soothe away spots and marks caused by scarring. It's also great for wrinkles so perfect for anti-ageing issues. I use Indeed Labs Retinol Reface (currently £13.33). It contains three forms of retinol, because we actually break it down within the cell to create all the lovely retin that we need for smooth skin and smaller pores. I love this product and have noticed a really quick difference in my skin.

6. Serum
I have put three products together in the photo, but I would only use one. A serum helps nourish skin overnight and pump in some moisture which is plumping. My favourite, hard-working serum is Vichy Lift Activ Serum 10 Supreme (currently £22.31). It contains hyaluronic acid and Rhamnose to help speed up skin renewal to keep skin looking young and fresh. Plus the hyaluron is apparently great for moisturising. I also like The Body Shop Vitamin E Overnight Serum in oil (£15) which smells yummy and feels like a real treat, although is definitely a night product. My other favourite is Body Shop Bouncy Sleep Mask (£24) which is super-moisturising and feels really novel to sleep in a mask! Read my review here

7. Eye Cream
Night is a good time to use a lovely, thick eye cream. I have been using Perricone MD hypoallergenic eye cream which is very expensive at around £55 but any nice thick lotion would do well. Focus on ageing formulas, but keep an eye on developing small milia which indicate too much moisture!

Hope the post is helpful! I'll post a breakdown of top cleansers, masks and treatments soon!


  1. I've never heard of Retinol Reface but it sounds like the perfect thing for me! Really enjoying reading about your skincare routines, looking forward to the 'spotty skin' evening edition!
    Rebecca | Notes From September


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