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24 Jun 2016

Summer Sandals Picks

Although the weather has been terrible lately, I hold out hope I can wear sandals all the time soon. I've already cracked out my Fitflops for work (they are a spine saviour) and look forward to getting my little toes out all summer long. Here are my picks for ladies sandals across the internet.

First up, I love a delicate sandal and I love gold tones which go with everything. Therefore I love these New Look numbers for £27.99

Along the same lines, I am liking these squishy, comfy looking sandals from Jones which are on offer for £24

I adore a wedge, but am yet to find a comfy pair! These with ankle straps from New Look look perfect for a weekend BBQ and cost £27.99

If you're looking for something strappy and bright for a wedding, these girls are for you! They're mouthwateringly pink and cost £24.99 in the Mango sale 

Some may say these are a more classy wedding style, and they're definitely great for grassy venues with their wedge heels. They are on sale for £30 at Jones

If you're looking for a Jelly shoe, these from Boohoo are only £3 and come in pink, black and clear glitter

As I said before, I love my Fitflops and wear them constantly. I've had my spine fused so can get achey sometimes. I've found these keep my posture really good and help me with achey days though. They're £50 from Jones 

Finally if you have to wear proper shoes to work (I know that pain on a hot summer day) these leather ballet sandals let a little air flow and won't get smelly with no socks! They're £20 from Boohoo

This post was sponsored by Jones but I have brought you a range of sandals I love


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