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27 Jun 2016

Having a #HomeMovieNight

This weekend, My whole house sat down to a movie night. Sarah and I did face masks, Sam brought mixed us up some G&Ts and we all got cosy in our PJs. Even Teddy the dog got involved!

Our night involved watching The Breakfast Club, with facemasks, popcorn, M&Ms, daiquiri and a scented candle - relaxation bliss! I decided to swap my daiquiri for a yummy gin and tonic with grapefruit!

I got into my comfy jersey PJ jumpsuit from ASOS which I found through Octer 

We all joined in with the popcorn!

It was great fun! Normally I might sulk a little at an evening in, I think there must be something better I could be doing! However, I really enjoyed making an event of this, with snacks and great company and gin! I think reframing it in your mind as a relaxing (and cheap) treat makes it an event and just as fun as going out for cocktails or the cinema (plus you know where the food, toilets and tea making facilities are!) 

So I wouldn't look like a loaner, Sarah eventually agreed to sit with me while Sam took photos! 

I have to be honest - I'm terrible with films! I tend to lose concentration very quickly so I  knit to keep myself still! I didn't really get The Breakfast Club although my boyfriend predicted I wouldn't as it isn't a fast-moving Rom-Com like my usual style. I tend to say "I don't get it" halfway through a film which is about finding meaning, or is slow moving. Or even worse, which drives Sam mad, I think I haven't seen a film and halfway through I go "OH I have seen this!". Annoying! We ended up watching Night at The Museum 3 after The Breakfast Club! 



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