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25 Apr 2016

If the shoe fits - finding shoes for larger feet! #moreshoetolove

One drawback to being so tall is that I have big feet! I'm a size 8, which is embarrassing. Particularly because when I was 18 I went to a friend's nan's birthday party - she saw my shoes lying in the corridor and shouted "who has huge banana feet this size?!" in front of everyone. Old banana feet here never got over the embarrassment. 

Anyway, as always Long Tall Sally have swooped in to save us lanky lovelies and have released a new campaign - if the shoe fits (like Cinderella, get it? She didn't have banana feet!). Their aim is to provide flattering shoes for feet from sizes 7 - 13!

Unless you're a small footed lady, you won't understand the woe of finding a pair of cute, tiny pumps which look gorgeous, only to discover when your pair is brought out that all shoes in a size 8 look ridiculous and clumpy. For example my beloved Nike Air Max trainers look so cute and dainty on a size 5 foot, but I look like I've borrowed my boyfriend's trainers. However LTS have aimed to make shoes which look flattering in larger sizes and they're rocking it! I was sent a pair of bronze peep toe flats to test out on a weekend away in Wells (England's smallest city - where they filmed Hot Fuzz!)

These are a size 7 (already onto a winner when your feet come out a little smaller than you'd expected). They are really comfy and not too wide which is great for those of us with long, skinny feet. They also have a piece of hidden elastic at the back to make sure you get a really great fit even when your feet aren't exactly the same size. 

We stayed at The Crown at Wells, which is the pub they drink in at Hot Fuzz. It was a gift from Sam's mum so we were excited. We went to our hotel room (with a 4 poster bed!) and got dressed up for dinner
Look how cute and not banana-like my feet look! 

How did the shoes rate? They were very comfy for first time shoes! Plus they were lovely and dainty looking so I felt I could wear them with a range of outfits over the weekend including for walking around the cathedral, to wearing with a swishy dress for dinner. The bronze/gold colour meant they went with everything which was handy. 

Check out the range if you have feet on the larger size - they have a lovely selection of sandals, some low to mid heels for it you want to go glam without going too tall! Plus the pointed toe shoes I've seen in the collection aren't too pointy so don't elongate an already long foot! Check them out at Long Tall Sally


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