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2 Oct 2015

Review: Scott Cornwall Colour Restore Candy Toner

A little while ago, I was emailed about a new hair colour toner by Scott Cornwall called Candy. Unlike usual blonde hair toners which take away brassiness and make blondes whiter, this one is designed to inject a peachy pink tone into blonde hair, to warm it up. 

It's really easy to use, you just wash your hair normally, and then wearing gloves, massage this into your hair. You then comb through so it's evenly distributed and then wait 20 minutes before washing off. 

Here are the results on my highlighted hair

There didn't seem to be too much difference for me. After I'd dried my hair, my boyfriend said "I thought you said you'd gone to dye your hair?". I think around my roots and fringe where the bleach is fresher you can see there is a slight "warmth" in my hair rather than the ashy tones in the before photo. However, I don't think this was designed for me, but rather people with a full head of bleached hair.

The toner left my hair feeling really soft and has a lovely fruity smell. I was a little disappointed by the result in my hair - I was hoping for a pinky/peach instagram-filter effect on my hair but I think I got my hopes too high. It's more orangey peach than I expected too, I was hoping a more candy pink. I would love to see this on people who have bleached hair, like Lauren Spearman who rocks awkward peach like no other (girl crush).


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