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11 Oct 2015

Come Dine with Me!

Last night I went out with some of my closest college friends for a "come dine with me" night. My friends had been doing this for a few years but this is the first year that I was able to go.

I got dressed up in this dress I was sent from House of Fraser which I loved for it's collar and stripes! Sadly it was evening so the lighting wasn't up to much when I asked Sam to snap some photos of me in it. I paired the dress with my ankle boots from New Look (similar here) and my MAC lipstick in pink pigeon

Little Teddy dog wanted to be involved

We met lots of old faces at the party. I always feel sorry for my friends, they unintentionally sign up to be featured on my blog whenever I meet them out and about! 

And Emma who's bump is really starting to show! 

Us girls didn't coordinate intentionally with our striped dresses!

Hannah made her secret strawberry syrup recipe which goes amazingly in prosecco and just about any other drink

The night was roughly French themed, so Hannah and her boyfriend Ben (who is French) made a lovely onion soup for starter, followed by a delicious slow cooked duck stew which was tomatoey, served with kidney bean sauce and rice. It's a recipe Ben's family have on Reunion Island apparently and tasted delicious.

Following that we had lovely profiteroles which Hannah made from scratch and a Tarte Tatin which was juicy and delicious.

A delicious, super fun night! It's someone elses' turn now. I need to get thinking of what I might cook (and who's house I'll have to hire!) for when it's my turn! 

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