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10 Oct 2015

Bleach London Super Cool Colours - Awkward Peach

A long while ago, I dyed my hair candyfloss pink with Bleach London Super Cool Colours in Rose. Today my hair is peach! This is Bleach Super Cool Colours in Awkward Peach - a very cute peachy pink shade! It was £5 from my local Boots store and I picked it up yesterday.

It was really easy to use. All you do is wash your hair normally, then towel try it. Put on some gloves and apply this well into your hair. After 15 minutes (I left it for 30 minutes!) wash out and you're done!

The colour is a little more pinky in real life, and it was quite hard to capture in artificial light so we photographed it today when walking the dog. It's lovely and multi-tonal, and because it was designed for bleached hair, I have no fear that it will ruin my highlights and dye my hair forever! One wash and it'll all be gone!

I found that with a good application, the colour is even and I'm not left with any patches. Obviously my original hair colour is a honey blonde, so this colour has come out darker than it would on bleached hair too. I think it's a really cute colour and flattering for most skin tones, even my cool complexion!

Bleach Super Cool Colours are from Boots and cost only £5 which is a bargain considering I used about a third of a bottle on my long hair. I also have a bright red called "I Saw Red" which I'm looking forwards to trying out.

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