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7 Sept 2015

Wowcher/London Makeup Studio Course Fail

For my birthday in July, my group of girlies got together and bought me a Wowcher to go and do a MAC makeup lesson with the London Makeup Studio. I was super excited, loving MAC products, I couldn't wait to learn to use them and learn more. We were also promised a brush set if we attended.

As soon as I got the voucher, I went online to book the slot and the only one available was two months later, at 9am in London (which is quite far from Portsmouth). This was ok though, I was looking forwards to having a sleepover with my friend and getting to see a bit of London. However after I booked on, I got an email saying the course was cancelled and when I went to rebook there were no courses at all... PANIC. I emailed the people running the course and they said it was a computer glitch and it would all be fine.

Fast forward to Saturday and it was time to go to the make up course. I was emailed the night before saying where the location of the course would be (it had changed from where originally stated but not too far away). I rocked up for my 9am lesson, met a group of other ladies there, all eager to get our hands on those lipsticks... and the tutor wasn't there. We waited for over half an hour, tension mounting. Two of the others there had been stood up by this company three times before so we were quite anxious! Eventually another member of staff came to us and said that the makeup artist couldn't make it, the course was cancelled.

Gutted. I had made my way to London, across on the tubes and all for nothing. At least I hadn't booked a hotel like some of the others. The girl who came to tell us was very apologetic and sadly had as much information on what was going on as we seemed to! We're all waiting now to hear from the manager to see if we can have refunds or money back for our travel.

I got my brush set before the lady left... probably not worth the trip across London when I could have bought it on eBay for a few quid.

Overall, big disappointment with this course. I still was itching for some MAC so I marched across The British Library towards St Pancreas where I popped into the MAC shop. The girls there were absolutely lovely, the shop was almost empty and I got the opportunity to try on lots of different lippies. I walked away with lipsticks in Sin, Ruby Woo and the Ruby Woo lipliner!

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