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5 Sept 2015

Review: TIGI Bed Head Joyride Texturising Powder Balm

A few weeks ago I was sent a tiny sample of the new TIGI Bed Head addition - Joyride.

I am a big fan of TIGI products and think they make great texturising and volumising products. I also love volumising hair powder for my roots when I'm going out. However for me, this didn't hit the mark. I'll show you what happened when I used it.

Before and After using it

Firstly, this is my natural hair, a bit limp

The product comes out as a super-thick gel which feels a bit sticky on your hands. 

The tube says you can apply it to dry or damp hair, so I applied a little bit to my dry hair and scruffed it in

However the result I got was... greasy.

It looked so dirty, felt horrible and I hated it. However, not put off I thought I should dry my hair again to see if it dried powdery, and then backcombed it up.

It did backcomb well as you can see from the pictures. However, I didn't feel it went powdery as promised, and felt my hair was a greasy mess afterwards. I had to wash it all out because my hair looked and felt really gross. 

Overall, I don't think this is worth the money.The RRP is around £16.95 and I wouldn't pay that. I prefer using dryer textured products like volumising root boosting powders or dry shampoo. If you can get hold of a tester, give it a go, but I don't think I'll be trying the remainder of mine. I potentially was using it wrong, but I feel I followed the instructions on the back of the packet well. However this might be for girls with shorter hair rather than me and may work better in wet hair although I'm afraid to try it and ruin a wash!

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