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11 Sept 2015

Review: Lee Stafford Chopstick Styler

As a little kid, I was always obsessed with having curly hair. I used to use my mum's perm rollers from the 80s, wrapping my damp hair around them and sleeping in complete pain all night long for super-curly hair the next day for school. Sadly, the need for sleep has taken over since then and I haven't been able to achieve the 80s poodle perm look for many years. Stalking through my boyfriend's-cousin's-girlfriend's photos (long link I know, we'll call her Sherri-Ann), I noticed she sometimes has amazing, curly mad hair. I absolutely love it and wanted to copy the look so I googled curling wands. I stumbled across the Lee Stafford Chopstick curler reviewed on lots of blogs and decided for £19.99, it was worth me giving it a go. I raced down to Argos to get it and here are the results. 

The curler has a rectangular, very thin barrel which creates the tight, corkscrew curls. The barrel is long enough that I can wrap all my hair around it, so shorter hair should be ok. The handle is nice to hold and has a small switch on the side to switch on. There is also an indicator light letting you know whether it's on or off.

So here's my normal hair, long and straight naturally. It's about 3 days post-wash here. I tend to use the chopstick styler on days before I wash my hair because the mass of curls gets real knotty, real quick.

What you do is section off your hair, and taking really small pieces, wind around the barrel of the styler. Leave it on for a few seconds and then pull the ends of your hair off the styler. This will leave a crazy corkscrew curl. The smaller the sections and the longer you leave it, the tighter the curls will come out as. 

The curler is really hot at around 200 degrees and I have burnt myself a couple of times so I would recommend you use a thermal glove from another curler or get one on ebay. If not, you might have straight ends where you're too scared to put your fingers too close to the styler when curling (sensibly). 

Using the curler is quite irritating... Because you have to take tiny sections it does take much longer than normal curling, about half an hour for my hair. Also because the barrel is so small, you have to wind and wind and wind your hair loads of times and end up with arm ache! 

Curl all your hair including your fringe and you will have a look like this...

Now you can imagine the first time I did my hair, I wasn't impressed with this look and felt quite disappointed. I wasn't really into the curly rat tail dreads look. However if you swish your hair around, raking your fingers through the curls to break them up like this...

You get a fluffy cloud of curls like this! I look like I'm from the 80s!

My hair looks and feels amazing! Like a huge cloud! I've had lots of people comment on how amazing my hair is when curled and many people asking if that's my natural hair and if I normally straighten it! I may look 90% poodle, but I absolutely love it. I would love to use this more often, but the draw backs for me are how much work you have to put in to curl your hair, and how hot the styler is which frightens me as I like to protect my hair from heat.

The results last until you wash your hair again. I slept on my hair and the next day it looked exactly the same! I was really impressed.

Overall, for £19.99 it was a great buy and I really love the look it gives. You have to weigh up how much of a pain it is to use the curler but I think the results are worth it! The styler is currently £19.99 from Argos 


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