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21 Sept 2015

Review: Glamglow Supermud Clearing Treatment

Being a complete skincare junkie, I was scrolling through Pinterest and saw the most gross image of someone with a face mask on, with blackheads popping out her nose! It was so graphic but made me feel strangely satisfied, the idea that I could also have blackheads popping out my nose! 

I found out it was Glamglow Supermud Clearing Treatment mask and that they were selling it in Marks & Spencer but it was £45! I couldn't bring myself to spend that out on a face mask. However last week, my mum gave me a voucher for 20% off Marks & Spencer that she had through her credit card or something. I almost literally ran all the way to M&S and got my hot little hands on the mask. (I have since found it for £33 at Allbeauty and feel a little silly)

First up, the box is huge and has lots of interesting, skin miracle promises on the label. It says you can use it as a full face mask or it could last thousands of treatments as a small, spot on mask for those nasty spots.

The little bottle is fairly small, but looks completely full (no hidden half bottoms making you think you have more product than you do).

The mask is a very dark grey with little lumps of solid mud in it. It has a funny, aniseed smell and applies well. So here are the results: 

My natural face - my issue which I wanted treatment for was blackheads on my nose and small bumps on my chin which have improved recently, but I wanted more oompf in the treatment. 

When you first apply the mask it's really strong smelling and tingles like MAD! I was getting a bit anxious by the tingling, but reminded myself that to see Pinterest-like results I had to let the mask work. 

Then the gross results... squeamish people look away!

As you can see, it's highlighted all my blackheads and drawn out the oil from them. Apparently it works by being super-absorbent for oils and impurities. When it dries, they suck the impurities out and when you wash the mask off, apparently wash the impurities away. The acids also help to lightly exfoliate your skin, leaving it feeling and looking smoother afterwards. Here's the close-up proof:

Before: My nose has a few little visible pores along the end and between my eyes. I also didn't notice until looking at the before and after that my skin looks a little rough before.
During: If you study them (like I did) you can see the dark circles do line up with blackheads on the before photo. This is super gross and makes me feel gross to share!
After: My nose looks smoother, and the pores look smaller and less black-heady. I am actually really impressed

Pros: I can see a visible difference in the before and after photos which is rare after a face mask! It is also super-satisfying seeing all the junk washed away!
Cons: The price tag is high. It's a real treat for me to own this and I think it will last a long time. I also don't like that it's in a pot. I've been using a little make up scoop I got in my travel kit to take some out the pot because I think putting my dirty fingers in is unhygienic.

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