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1 Sept 2015

Review: BarkBeats September box

A few months ago I was sent a BarkBeats box.  Our little Teddy loved it then, so when we got sent a new box his tail was wagging!

BarkBeats is like a normal subscription box, but contains lots of goodies like toys and treats for your dog. You let them know how big your dog is, pay the subscription fee and get sent a monthly box for your doggie. I know for us, with a manic Miniature Pinscher with a short attention span, this monthly service is a dream and keeps Teddy entertained with new, exciting toys and treats.

Tail a blur with wagging excitement!

In this box we got...

  • A Rosewood dog toy
  • Boswella tomato dog treats
  • Some doggy icecream to make at home
  • A big tyre toy (Teddy accidentally got the bigger dog box bless him!)
  • A doggy lolly!

His favourite treat, the doggy lolly which he tried to delicately sneak away from me

He also loved the teddy which he shredded to pieces within minutes and we've been using the dog treats for training!

The box is definitely a lot of fun and for around £15 a month (with your first box often half price with codes) they keep wild dogs like ours entertained for a while! Definitely check out the old boxes on the BarkBeats site to get an idea of what you might get

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