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9 Sept 2015

Outfit Post: The 70s Vibe & giveaway!

A couple of weeks ago, the team at Boohoo invited me to think about what 70s style outfit I would put together. A bit intimidated by the 70s vibe, I was anxious initially, but once I started looking at the pieces they had in, I realised it was a really wearable collection! There is loads of light denim, suede pieces and some gorgeous colours and flared shapes.

I selected some pieces to create a 1970s inspired look, but keeping it modern and walking the dine line between inspired and looking like I was in fancy dress! At the weekend, we popped out to the local nature reserve for a dog walk (which is why Teddy is in the background!) for a picnic of hummus and crisp rolls and took some pictures.

Keep scrolling for a Boohoo Giveaway!

I am wearing: 

all c/o Boohoo.com
And some very old New Look Sandals 

It was a lovely afternoon out. I got to play with my new camera which I'm sure I'll blog soon and have a little walk. I think I'm going to try and make hats my new thing!

Now, it's your turn to enter a competition and win some 70s inspired flares from Boohoo.com!


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