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30 Sept 2015


A couple of weeks ago, Sam and I made the annual trip to Alora, in Andalucia, Spain. Sam's dad lives out there, in the mountains north of Malaga. It's a great place, full of friendly locals who invite us to all sorts of amazing events. Nobody speaks English so it's a great opportunity for me to practice my Spanish and get an authentic slice of Spain. 

Sam's dad has recently moved so we got to see his new flat, complete with gorgeous pool! 

Finally getting the opportunity to wear my ASOS swimsuit!

On Sunday we went to the Romeria - a pilgrimage of the Virgin of the Flowers. Everyone dresses in traditional costume, the women dance flamenco and the men ride horses. It was amazing!

The next day we headed down to the lakes - El Chorro! They're gorgeous dammed lakes where you can jump off cliffs or rent pedalos.

We got Sam's Dad's first selfie!

I even got brave enough to get my scoliosis spinal fusion scar out! 

We saw so many gorgeous views, did lots of sleeping, eating and drinking and had a fab time!  I'd totally recommend going if you like quiet, country places with friendly people and yummy food. There's an amazing hotel called La Garganta in El Chorro where I'd love to stay.


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