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3 Jul 2015

Hen Weekend Post!

I have been so busy with uni deadlines recently I've barely had a life (or managed to blog!) However I am loving my current placement which is keeping me sane.

Last weekend, I headed off with my school friends to Bath for the hen do of one of my besties Hannah. It was brilliant getting to hang out with my team of fantastic girls and getting exited to be bridesmaids in August!

We stayed at Harley Street Townhouse which was a beautiful, huge building - perfect for a glamorous hen. I have a huge temptation to contact the owner and ask what paint colours they used! It was just by the Royal Crescent which we obviously had to see!

On Saturday morning, we all got up and went out Punting which was one of the most frightening moments of my life! I genuinely thought I was going to fall in every time someone moved! We also kept going round in circles and crashing into innocent boaters. Safe to say we were useless. Here's me with the maid of honour who is also called Hannah.

We managed to dress the bride Hannah up which she was not happy about! Here's her punting with some others

It was such a hot day, most of us got some sunburn, despite the bride shouting "no strap marks for the wedding" at all of us! I think it was a joke?

We then went into town and visited The Makery where we made our own knickers! We were given a pair of big white granny panties and lots of tools to customise them

We brought our own afternoon tea to the event too which was awesome!

The whole afternoon involved lots of pink wine, shouting "bum ruches" (to make the pants smaller and sexier) and negotiating for the best lace. It was great fun!

The result was lots of white panties with lots of bum ruching!

Finally we got back, and after lots of showers, cocktails and me practicing Hannah's hair styles (I'm doing hair and makeup for the bridal party... I may be mad) we had a big meal with lasagne and a gin bar (which you can see in the background of this photo of me and Hannah

I managed to get everyone to pose for a group photo finally!

After the meal, we played Mr and Mrs - the maid of honour Hannah and some others managed to contact the groom-to-be Will for answers to some funny questions. Hannah then had to guess what answer he gave - if she got it wrong she had to have a shot, if she got it right she got to nominate someone else to have it. Sadly, Will went for really soppy, loving answers which Hannah wouldn't normally guess (he knew his audience) so she had to drink a lot of shots!

We then cracked out the penis cake I made! It was the only penis reference from the whole weekend so it had to be an inappropriate one. I made the chocolate pubes by melting chocolate in a bag, snipping off the end and swirling the chocolate onto greaseproof paper!

As the night wore on, the photos get a little stranger...

Yay the bride and all the bridesmaids!

I think I quite suit a veil, I might start wearing one every day.

The next day, hungover, we all traipsed home for baths and relaxation! There are rumours that the bride was sick into a carrier bag on a train but these remain unconfirmed! It was a really enjoyable weekend and I can't wait to see the girls again at the wedding! In the mean time, Hannah and I have an appointment at MAC in Southampton on Sunday to get some bridal makeup ideas!

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