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23 May 2015

I knitted the Pandora Diamond Lace Sweater!

As most people know, I love knitting. I find following a pattern, counting stitches and thinking about the process really relaxing and it takes my mind off a busy day. I guess it's like mindfulness in a way - when I'm knitting I'm in the moment, creating something which gives me a sense of pride!

Anyway, my recent projects have been little fiddly things like this bride and groom for my BFF Becky

So I decided to make something a bit bigger. I normally knit things and give them to other people (whether they want them or not) so it was a big deal that I made something for myself. Becky and I have a shared knitting pattern Pinterest board and she pinned the pattern for this jumper which was called "diamond lace sweater". It was posted as a free PDF from Prima magazine (the link is here), although I have since discovered the pattern was called Pandora and was from Rowan Seascapes.

The suggested wool was Rowan Savannah, although to my dismay they stopped producing this yarn a while ago. I couldn't find enough in the colour I wanted, so I had to find an alternative. I have discovered in my years of knitting that alternative yarns are fine for small items or things you don't have to wear, but when it comes to clothes, it really matters (I knitted Sam a cardigan for Christmas this year and it came out tiny as I used the wrong yarn! It doesn't matter that they were both called chunky, the one I used wasn't chunky enough. I get to wear it though!). I found Ravelry  a good source of information on the weight and texture of the yarn suggested so I could compare it to other yarns, and I also found Yarnsub - a fantastic website which scours the databases to find close matches to the yarn you are asked to use! I ended up using Sirdar Cotton Rich Aran in Double Denim which I got from Hobbycraft! I thought I'd need 6 balls, but for the small size I actually only needed 5. The yarn is 60% cotton and the way it is spun makes it light, comfortable and soft. It's also not shiny which I think makes it look a bit more expensive.

The pattern is really chunky, in garter stitch with the lace motif. It knits up really quickly and would have taken me about 2 weeks to knit if I hadn't have started a new project in between! The jumper is so light and airy which will be perfect for the evenings on holidays! I am really proud of it and it's knitted up to a good size. I can't wait to wear it! 

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