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23 Mar 2015

My Foxy Bedroom

I have really enjoyed doing more interiors posts as I slowly save up and get my house together. I've recently shared with you my lounge makeover and my dining room makeover, and today we're looking at my bedroom. My bedroom is nowhere near ok - I hate the pine furniture (and my chest of drawers has collapsed and is not repairable) but whilst I save up for a whole new bedroom of furniture I'm trying my best to distract everyone with cute things.

When I got an email from Flamingo Gifts asking if I would like to take a peek at any of their lovely things, I was instantly drawn to their homewear section. You may recognise Flamingo Gifts because they're behind the amazing Flamingo Candles which every blogger is currently loving.

After spending roughly 2 hours cooing over everything on their website (it is seriously super cute) I found Paddy the fox, a handsome fox cushion who costs £16.45. I adore this quirky cushion on my bed, although I'm pretty sure Paddy and my dog have started a romantic relationship. Watch this space.

 Beside my bed I have a selection of things - my IKEA lamp which I wanted so badly because it had pully switches, my favourite perfume - Chanel Chance eau Tendre and an old trinket box by Wedgewood that my Nan gave me which I keep my hair grips in. I also got this lovely Stag Jewellery Dish which is £5.75 and a yummy white lilac and rhubarb candle which is £11.

The jewellery dish is so handsome! He's currently protecting my Jewellery Box necklace and bracelet.

The candle smells AMAZING and even without being lit, there is a gentle scent in the room. I love rhubarb and am really enjoying it, although I'm completely gutted I didn't spot the lemon curd scented candle - I am a huge lemon fan! It's definitely next on my shopping list. I'm a lover of scented candles and have so many! It's completely lame, but on a day off I love cleaning the house from top to bottom and lighting a scented candle in each room when I finish. The house probably smells like a clash of scents but it makes me happy!

 At the end of my bed is little Teddy's crate where he spends the nights. He got in when I was taking photos because the sun was shining directly in!

Definitely visit Flamingo Gifts for a huge range of homewear, accessories and pressies, but do set aside a couple of hours! The presents are inexpensive which is a huge bonus because you will fill up your shopping basket!

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