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19 Mar 2015

Brasserie Blanc Gunwarf and Meeting Raymond Blanc!

Brasserie Blanc in Gunwarf, Portsmouth recently had a makeover and to celebrate, they had a huge re-opening party last week. 

Being a die-hard Italian food fan, I hadn't been to Brasserie Blanc before the makeover, so everything was new to me! It's a French food restaurant which hopes to be homely and comfortable. I went along after work last week with my friend Miriam from work to see what was going on. 

We were greeted at the door with cocktails - a mojito, bubbles or an alcohol free cocktail. I chose bubbly and Miriam had the virgin cocktail. 

Straight through the door we found the manager, who happened to be my very first boyfriend Matt! We hadn't properly seen each other since I was 16 so it was a lovely surprise! 

Miriam and I found a seat on the "banquette" next to the kitchen and cosied up with drinks and snacks

 Isn't she pretty!

Me and my champagne. I met Austen, who was in charge of wine and drinks. He quickly became my very best friend, topping up my glass almost every few minutes and getting me quite drunk. We loved his champagne glass holster on his belt. He also brought me some pink wine to try when I said my favourite was sweet rose. He was very knowledgeable about wine and helped me realise I also like dry rose wine!

Cleverly positioned by the kitchen, Miriam and I were first in line for all the delicious food coming out the kitchen. The staff were so friendly and spent the time explaining what everything was, keeping calm and smiley despite the huge crowd. 

We had tiny burgers which were AMAZING! A barbecued lemon chicken skewer, plenty of fish, steak tartare, asparagus in cheese, 

 My first ever scallop (it was much nicer than I thought it would be!)

Oysters - I didn't try one (wussed out) but Miriam did

And we had snails!! They didn't taste of anything other than garlic really. 

Finally Miriam and I met Raymond Blanc himself! Sadly our photographer wasn't skilled with the camera

Look at my drunken face, I look overjoyed to meet him! Raymond was really lovely and had time for everyone.

Overall, Brasserie Blanc is a beautiful little gem and I would definitely continue past my usual Italian restaurant to have some more food at Brasserie Blanc - especially if Austen is on shift again!


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