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12 Mar 2015

Babyliss Diamond Waves Wand

Last week I was sent the new Babyliss Diamond Waves Wand to review and I have been really impressed with it so far. 

In the box you get a wand and a heat-proof glove. The wand doesn't have a clamp at the end like a regular wand so you have to pinch your hair at the tips and wrap it round. the positive of this means no crimped ends like you might get with a regular curling wand. 

The barrel is this unusual twisted shape which ensures all curls are uniform and curled in the same direction. I am pretty thick at times and managed to work out how to curl one side of my head perfectly but the other side wasn't quite working... turns out I was going the opposite way to the grooves in the barrel! As you can see, the barrel is sparkly because it contains actual diamonds! The diamonds infused into the ceramic ensure you have a really glossy, frizz free result and hair feels soft after curling. 

It also works at a range of temperatures and heats up super-quickly

To compare I thought I'd show the results from this waver (on the left) against the results from curling with my GHDs. As you can see my hair is glossy and the wave is uniform all the way to the roots. The difference with this tong is you hold the part of the wand nearest the handle at the roots, and wrap around until the ends of your hair are around the cooler tip. The important part is to then brush the curls out to make waves! To understand how to use it, I found it best to watch Really Ree's video.

And here are the results!

I've found the results last a long time too - I waved my hair on a Tuesday and still wore it down the next day after sleeping on it which is a miracle in my hair which drops very quickly.

I love the soft, beachy waves look. I've not managed to achieve this with any other tool including a waver with the three barrels. Babyliss also show you can use it to create vintage waves if you use it lower down

The waver is £30 from Babyliss, and is also available at Boots and Argos where is it currently on offer for £24.99!

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