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22 Jan 2015

Video Review: Babyliss New Big Hair Rotating Styler

So I've not blogged in a while because I've been completely snowed under with University work and actual work, but I thought I'd vlog my new hairstyler - the Babyliss New Big Hair styler which I was sent by John Lewis. This baby uses a rotating hot brush action to give your hair volume and that salon blow dry look (but easier and quicker!) and costs £40.

The unique thing about this is it's a hot-brush type hairdryer, but it rotates both clockwise and anti-clockwise to wrap the hair up and smooth it out. I've seen some amazing, dramatic results using this with frizzy hair to give a sleek, volumous style. I was terrified at first that my hair might get tangled up and I'd have to chop it off, but that didn't happen (thankfully) because of the two direction rotation.

I don't know what more to say, so here's the video review! Excuse Teddy running around and being a pickle!

The brush has three different heat settings (cold, warm and hot) and a long cable which rotates so no tagles in the cable either. It has a ceramic brush so smooths hair out and gets lovely and hot to make styling quicker!

Overall, it gives FAB results! If you can cast aside your anxiety about the twirly, whirly contraption and give yourself half an hour to play with it and learn what to do, you can get great results quickly! I'm definitely going to let Mum (a hot brush addict since the 80s!) have a go and see if I can upgrade her current model.


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