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1 Jan 2015

Renovating the Dining Room

Happy New Year! Inspired by the New Year I thought I'd share with you the first new leaf I have turned over! I love my home. I am a real homebody and love nothing more than peeking into other's homes for inspiration, whether on Pinterest or in real life. I've owned my home for the last three years, and when I initially bought it I painted everything cream and had second hand furniture which I was hugely grateful for. Now my boyfriend and I live together, it seemed like the perfect time to start decorating our home and slowly start buying furniture which would be ours long term rather than a stop gap. 

I recently shared with you my lounge at Christmas and I realised I forgot to show you the before photo so here it is quickly



Anyway here is my dining room story
The dining room has always been my least favourite room. It felt like a bland space, full of furniture I didn't buy or particularly like and I spent a lot of time keeping guests out of it! 

When I originally bought the house it looked like this:

And with limited money all I could really do was paint the walls a neutral colour and the tiles in the fireplace black and hope that one day inspiration and money would hit me. Literally everthing was given to me including the lacey table cloth! 

The room kind of became a dumping ground for bags, mismatching furniture and drawers full of junk. I hate clutter, but somehow my apathy for the room made me clutter it up. Then for Christmas my parents offered to buy Sam and I a dining table and it kick started me into doing something about it.

First up my brother James came round and took the horrible glass display cabinet off the wall for me which I rapidly got rid of on a Facebook Buy and Sell page

The increase in light after it was taken down was so dramatic!

lovely wallpaper underneath! All the junk on the table was out of that cabinet! 

I then sanded all the woodwork, in its horrible yellowing glory, and painted it using Farrow & Ball eggshell in "New White". It's not a cheap brand, but from a lot of googling it seemed to be recommended by people who paint furniture as it applies well with minimal sheen and gives a more polished effect than Chalk Paint. I also painted the chest of drawers I was given when I met Sam as it was inoffensive! 

Mum gave me a tin of Dulux paint in Amethyst Falls 2 which is a really deep, Cadbury's purple paint colour. I used this to paint the chimney breast

I still have some work to do - the picture rail where the cabinet was is an unusual shape and I'm sill searching for some to replace the old stuff. Also, Sam gave me a set of picture frames for Christmas which I am going to put up on the chimney breast rather than a mirror so I am going to sort that when the Chrsitmas decorations are down. I also have to choose a curtain for the window and would love to get a really low pendant light from IKEA to hang over the table. Next paycheck maybe! I am also thinking about painting the legs of my new farmhouse table cream to go with the rest of the furniture - what do you think?



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