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11 Nov 2014

Blogging silence and Preparing for Christmas

I've been completely AWOL recently. It's been down to lots of things - University is completely hectic at the moment and I'm out the house from 7am to 7pm every day plus reading and homework! I've also had mega writer's block for a while and have been really anxious about people reading my blog and what they think about me. A strange insecurity to suddenly develop! 

Anyway rather than ignoring my blog whilst I'm stuck for ideas, I thought I'd catch you up on what I've been doing. 

Protecting Teddy against fireworks

And going for long walks when it's sunny

Plenty of cooking on my days off so we have food in the freezer for tired evenings

Doing lots of knitting ready for Christmas.  (this is the inside of fairisle knit, it doesn't look like that on the right side!)

For all you fellow knitters, here are some things I'm enjoying knitting (without giving too much away about surprise presents):

And this cardigan in dark grey for my boyfriend Sam

I've also been trying to fit in sleep where possible!

If anyone has any idea about blog posts they'd like to see like hair tutorials, makeup and nail reviews and how to's, Christmas gift guides etc let me know x

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