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22 Oct 2014

I have Chatty Feet!

Blogging about socks ain't easy. Mainly because I have no idea what to write about something we don't tend to give much thought to (although we should) but also because I've discovered my naughty puppy Teddy is obsessed with socks! Now it's getting colder, breaking out a pair of socks is becoming more common and Teddy is really enjoying pulling them off your feet, stealing them and chewing them to death. Therefore, taking photos of these cute and silly Chatty Feet Socks was a nightmare and he is in every photo! 

I was sent a couple of pairs of their silly socks to try out and I had to show you guys because they're something special. 

This is Venus, the pretty princess working to save your sock drawer from missing socks! They are pink all over, with darker pink tops and faces on the soles and tops of the socks.

This other pair are Loli who have a black top so are perfect for work

"I pick this sock" 

They are nice socks, fairly thick but not too bulky in your shoes. They come in sizes 4-8 or 8.5 to 11.5. I'm wearing the sizes 4-8 on my size 7.5 feet and they are really comfortable, not too tight or pulling on my toes, and they don't have the dreaded "little toe bobble" which I really hate (strange confession but I tend to refuse to wear socks because of that little bobble, it makes me feel physically sick... I am aware that's odd).

They also come in other fun designs such as "Kate Middletoe"

superhero, Sigmund (Freud?), Prof Brian Sox, and Don Cottone (a gangster character) and you can get his n' hers couples sets or tiny versions for kids! For £7 a pair, they make a cute, funny gift and don't cost too much, plus they make getting socks for Christmas perfectly acceptable!


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