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7 Oct 2014

Bridesmaid Dress Shopping and The Cake & Bake Show

At the weekend I went to London to see the girls! We've known each other since college and we're all going to be Hannah's bridesmaids (the beautiful lady to the left). Being very girly girls, we decided to meet up for a whole weekend for cake and to try on bridesmaid dresses together. 

We met at Westfield in Stratford. I'm not very "good at London" and get overwhelmed by everything so the girls met me at Waterloo and we headed over to Stratford together. We had a spot of lunch at Giraffe (I had a piri piri chicken and chips, yum!), with champagne and cocktails which was so much fun! 

We then tried on potentially hundreds of dresses. Obviously I won't share the serious ones but here's some we loved the look of, with the bride in blue!

On Sunday we headed over to the Cake & Bake Show in Earl's Court for some yummyness. I took some photos of the gorgeous things we saw (including the Fabulous Baker Brothers!)

I got 2 Gin and Tonic meringues from Meringue Girls!

Overall, we had a great weekend and it was so much fun seeing my clever, beautiful friends!



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