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11 Sept 2014

Sure Compressed – Festival Fresh with @SureUK

As I said in my previous post, this year was my first festival and I was very, very nervous about it!

It is probably obvious, but I’m not really the camping type. A place without a duvet, proper shower or hairdryer is not usually my idea of a great time but armed with my can of Sure Compressed I gave it a go. I was sharing the experience with my best friend Sarah so we both decided to discuss it here.

So lets not skim over the nitty gritty – festivals are smelly! People smell, toilet blocks smells (especially the organic one), tents smell. We got there and straight away put the Sure Compressed into action, spraying ourselves and getting us feeling fresh to get into the crowd without feeling smelly. It’s a super tiny size so I didn’t mind carrying it around in my bag all day each day

The spray face. Don’t deny you don’t also do this face when spraying things.

 I got the giggles…

We went out and I discovered it also had other uses. That smelly toilet? Spray it quick before you get in and it masks the smell for a quick wee! Also, your feet get really sweaty if you’re wearing wellies or trainers, so a quick spray with this means you won’t get kicked out by your tent-mate at bedtime. Plus a quick spray in your tent before you go off to brush your teeth really helps get rid of that hot tent smell.

After a hard day of partying, I found I was still really fresh, and there were no marks on my white clothes each day or embarrassing stains, even after jumping and dancing constantly. It definitely would have been sorely missed if I didn’t have it!

Overall, I survived my first festival and am really keen to go to another now! Thank you again to Sure Compressed for sending me to Bestival!

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