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10 Sept 2014

My Language of Love - I Love You Mum!

La Redoute have done a survey on love! Being a French company, they think we have a stiff upper lip here in the UK and we're terrible at telling our loved ones how we feel. They did some research and found that we hardly ever tell anyone we love them! In fact, 82% of us want to be told we're loved daily, yet only 30% of us say it daily.

They published this video in which couples, sisters, children and parents tell each other they love them and it made me cry! (hands up everyone else who cries at adverts like me...)

Anyway, after watching this I was feeling quite inspired and decided I would do my own video, for my lovely Mummy. Check it out here and feel free to grab a sick bag.

It was really quite scary putting myself out there like that and saying I love people in public! How does saying I love you make you feel?

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