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15 Jul 2014

Review: BIC Soleil Secret Shaver and Trimmer

Shaving - it's not really a glam topic for a fashion and beauty blog is it? But as much as many of us want to spread the rumour that we naturally have smooth legs and underarms (as well as the rumour that we don't sweat, and yes we naturally are this blonde and tanned... ignore the biscuit smell), it's a fact of life that many of us spend hours of our lives shaving away unwanted hair. So... with that in mind, here's a review of a razor. 

This is the BIC Soleil Secret shaver and trimmer - a normal razor but with a graded bikini trimming attachment. Now I feel very awkward reviewing a razor which is designed for bikini lines so bear with me if that comes across! 

In the pack, you get two normal disposable razors in a beautiful glittery pink, and a trimmer attachment which slides over the normal shaving head. 

The razors are standardly good for BIC Soleil range - I have always enjoyed using these razors and find they never cut me (unlike the cheapies) as they have three blades in a head that moves with your body rather than a really mean rusty blade which hacks into your legs. There is also a strip infused with vitamin E to reduce irritation

The attachment when used trims hair down to 2mm, using a guide like men's electric shavers. This means it neatens up hairs in the bikini area ready for bikini season, allowing you to "sculpt" your hair into whatever daring or conservative style you want! 

Overall, if you're prepping for holiday or love swimming every week and you're looking for a good razor with a bikini line trimming option, this is something to definitely look into. Also for lovers of waxing, this could get you through the in-between waxing growth stage. (That's the awkward bit done I think).

These are normally £3.99, but at the moment they are on offer in Boots for £1.99 so snap some up for your holidays! 


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