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6 Jun 2014

DIY: Shabby Chic Spice Rack from eBay

Another weekend DIY for you!

Having the smallest kitchen ever even though my favourite hobby is cooking, space is really important in my kitchen. Especially now my boyfriend has moved in (who I'm certain is secretly a professional sauce collector). My cupboards were overflowing. I had been going through eBay looking for gorgeous shabby chic dresser tops and spice racks, but with many of them being £100 or more, they were out of reach for me. I found this one for sale in Kent and managed to get it for £12 which was a bargain seeing as we would be in Kent that weekend to pick it up. I then managed to transform it into this beauty which I am very proud of. 

How to:

1. Your eBay search terms are wooden spice rack, plate rack or dresser top. Try to find something which will fit your wall well and make sure you can fit it in your car to take home! 

Step 2: Convince someone to sand it down for you. Remember to take the knobs off the drawers if there are any and take the drawers out. It doesn't need to be sanded down much, just a tiny amount to allow the paint to stick. 

Step 3: Primer. Paint white primer and undercoat (2 in 1) onto the whole thing. Make sure your brush strokes go with the grain of the wood for the best effect and watch out for drips! 

At this point it will look terrible and you'll wonder if you've made the wrong choice.

Therefore take a nap

Step 4: Add a few layers of your desired colour, waiting for each layer to dry and again watching for drips. You can get some lovely special wood paints but I just used leftover kitchen paint. This is Dulux Natural Calico. 

Step 5: Hang it! I stupidly chose a hollow plasterboard wall to put it up on. If you've done the same, put some more mirror screw plates on it to hold it up and use special hollow wall plugs. Then decorate! 

I got these spice kilner jars from The Range - £4.99 for 6. I also bought some "window pens" from there which are a chalk effect liquid pen to write what was in each jar. 

With flash - 

Finally - loads more, super cute storage. I've decorated the bottom shelf with our S and L mugs from M&S, salt and pepper things, and a candle from IKEA as well as a little Coriander memo from our first date in a restaurant called Coriander!


  1. this is such a good upcycle, it looks fab! Well done you. x

    Leanne - A Slice of My Life

  2. Ooo I love this idea, looks really cute too!!

    Candidly Chloe xxx

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