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9 Apr 2014

Review: Free From Frizz 6 Week Blowout Treatment (Thick/Coarse Hair)

My friend (and part-time housemate) Jen is an amazing hairdresser. She knows anything there is to know about hairdressing, so when she said she wanted to try this Free From Frizz 6 Week Blowout treatment I knew her review would be something something you girls would want to hear. Jen is selfishly leaving me next week to go travelling around South America for 4 months with her boyfriend and said she wanted something to tame her wild, coarse hair to make it less of a hassle. She found out about this treatment and bought it, and we gave it a go on one girly Friday night. 

The kit we used was the Mango, thick/coarse hair set which was £14.99 from Boots. The set also comes in Watermelon for normal/fine hair. She also got the shampoo and conditioner from the range for aftercare. 

The product promises to relax the bonds in your hair and uses keratin (similar to a Brazillian Blowdry) to keep hair free from frizz for 6 weeks. 

In the kit came: Pre Cleanser, Active Keratin Treatment, gloves and a brush. You will also need a hairdryer and some straighteners. 

Jen's review: 


This is my natural hair before the treatment (here it has just been blow dried) without straightening or anything

Product and application

Firstly, you wash your hair with the pre-cleanser, then dry it until it is almost dry. You then apply the keratin treatment and brush it on using the little brush. A lot of reviews on the Boots website said the kit left their hair full of product and it was really hard to cope with their hair looking lank and greasy. This is because they had applied too much of the keratin, and so I applied only as much as my hair needed which ended up being only half the bottle. 

The products smelled really nice, the actually anti frizz liquid smells a bit like perm lotion (slightly eggy) when applied although this smell disappeared as soon as it had been rinsed. The anti frizz liquid bottle with a nozzle and lid and the comb provided meant the application process was easy, relatively mess free and took about 15 minutes. You then leave the product on to soak in for 30-40 minutes before drying hair to almost dry. 

Next, you section off your hair into small sections and meticulously straighten each section 6 or 7 times per section to get it absolutely poker straight. You have to make sure you don't leave any strand unstraightened so this may require a friend. 

AFTER straightening, my hair looked like this for 48 hours. Very early 2000s! 

After all this, you have to leave your hair for 48 hours - no washing, no tucking it behind your ear and no putting it up in an elastic band! It can be really difficult. As I hadn't applied too much product I found this stage quite manageable.  


So once I had waited the stated 48 hours and washed my hair using the shampoo and conditioner I blasted it off until it was nearly dry, as I would normally do I smoothed it in large rough sections, it was definitely smoother and and took a lot less time and work to dry and smooth. It now feels really soft which it doesn't normally as my hair is naturally course and frizzy and is over processed. 

Overall 4 out of 5 didn't make my hair miraculously straight and smooth but it did make it much more manageable. The instructions were really clear to follow and the kit did a good job. My hair has still got kinks in it when I wake up but it just needs 5 minutes going over with a dryer and brush so is much lower maintenance 



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