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2 Apr 2014

Maybelline Colour Show Nail Varnish in Mauve Kiss

A couple of weeks ago I instagrammed a picture of my gorgeous nude/taupe coloured nail varnish. It was Maybelline Colour Show in Mauve Kiss (150).

After I tried it, I kept it on and it lasted from Saturday night to the next Friday before I took it off. Not a single chip, although there was a bit of tip wear. I was so impressed I had to share it with you all

This nail polish is part of the Colour Show set, which promises catwalk colours for good prices (£2.99 in Superdrug currently) and comes in loads of shades. 

The formula is a gel, so it goes on really easily, self-levels and gives a great colour pay-off. The brush allows a really crisp line at the cuticle and it has a really lovely shiny finish. Best of all, it dries super-quickly so we can get on with our days, which is great for me as I'm very impatient. I can't handle waiting for Nails Inc formulas to dry! 

The colour isn't much to look at in the bottle, but my mum bought this in the search for a good neutral and didn't like it so passed it on to me. Although it's not a mannequin nails colour, I love the mauve-taupe shade which looks different in every light and have had lots of people notice the colour. 

Overall, I'm incredibly impressed. A cheap, very long-lasting nail polish in a gorgeous shade and formula. This may be my new perfect nail varnish. I'm excited to buy more colours in the range to see if they all have the same properties! 

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