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24 Dec 2013

Review: Collection Berry Lipstick - the perfect berry colour?

Every winter I search for the perfect berry-toned lipstick. I want something not too dark but not too red, like the colour of mulled wine! My friend told me about Collection's new Gothic Glam lipstick which sounds a bit  Halloween-y but had the perfect colour in No 3 - Revenge for all my winter-y needs!

The packaging of this lipstick and the smell are nothing to rave about, but the lippie was only £2.99 which I couldn't complain about. The texture is quite matte, but doesn't highlight dry lips and can be patted on for a soft colour, or lashed on for a really deep, sultry berry shade. 

It's a warm red with hints of blue so flattering to most skintones including very pale. cold-toned me. I was scared it would be too intense of my pale, blonde features but it really pops and I am in love! I wore it to my best friend's Christmas party this week (picture below) and have been wearing it most days! 

Gross close-up. Don't know why people would want this photo. 

I think for anyone wanting to try a daring berry lip, this is the perfect answer. At under £3 it doesn't cost a lot to experiment with, and I think it's a suits-all shade. There is a certain level of bleed with this colour so a lipliner would be good, but it's not necessary and the colour is quite easy to apply without a lip brush. It has great lasting power so is perfect for those Christmas and New Year parties coming up. I think one to splash your Christmas cash on. 

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  1. Hi Laura
    Seasons greetings and hope 2014 is a fab year for you. Just thought I'd check in on your blog and you have beautiful lips so the pic isn't gross at all!! Now, not that I am expert in lipstick (as you would expect), but maybe have a look at Trust lipstick by Karen Alder.
    Isaac Xx


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