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14 Dec 2013

Fashionably Fit - learning to run and SportsShoes

I'm not really sure what The Daily Mail has against women wearing makeup to exercise. In one article, a journalist has a very mean dig at Katherine Jenkins for running the marathon whilst wearing makeup and in another they state wearing makeup when exercising reduces the calories burnt! When SportsShoes got wind of this they created the Fashionably Fit campaign - that women can be fashionable and stylish but still be taken seriously. This campaign really got me thinking, as a self-proclaimed feminist, the idea that women are getting put down and made to feel like they aren't serious athletes because they want to (and are allowed to!) wear makeup and look nice is ridiculous! (and it's clear that the authors have never suffered with embarrassing acne which they will do anything to cover). 

Anyway, back to the campaign, we're asking why can't we look nice whilst exercising? SportsShoes contacted me last week asking if I wanted to try out some running shoes, and I had to admit at this point I'd never, ever gone running. I've done a lot of yoga and hula-hooping, but not running so I thought I could start on my journey using the NHS and Change 4 Life Couch to 5k training programme

I chose the Nike FS Lite running shoes which are amazing! They are super-light and super-bright and I feel like I've got all the gear and no idea! 

I'm also wearing the Nike long sleeve running top which has little thumb holes and is a lovely pink colour! I'm also wearing Nike Pro capri II running tights which are really comfy and easy to move around in. Shockingly I'm also wearing face powder, blusher and mascara! 

Overall I think I'm doing well. From not moving I've managed to run three times this week, and have built up from running and walking, to running a full mile! It has really helped that my boyfriend also bought some trainers so come and keep me company and keep me running!  

I've discovered it's really hard to keep running with cold ears! After my first run I had to come back and curl up to keep my ears warm! Sam managed to naughtily take a picture of my moment of weakness. Since I've been running with ear muffs on! 

Do you wear makeup when exercising? Either way do you care if other people do or don't?

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