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25 Sept 2013

Tesco Chino Challenge - vote for us!

A couple of weeks ago I told you about the Tesco Chino Challenge - where my boyfriend Sam and I were given the challenge of styling up a pair of wardrobe staples for men, the chino. The two outfits we picked are below but it remains a mystery as to which of us created which outfit, with the idea being that people vote on their favourite so we can find out who's the most stylish, boys or girls! 

Well now, you can go online and vote!

Head on over to F&F at Tesco and under "inspire me" is the competition. There are other couples who have also styled up outfits, but I'd love it if you'd vote for one of ours please?! We're the bottom couple. After the votes are revealed, we'll find out who's the most stylish gender!


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