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30 Sept 2013

Review: Smooth Skin Extra by iPulse - Halfway In

The Smooth Skin Extra IPL hair removal machine by iPulse at Boots promises miracles - to dramatically reduce or stop body hair growth after 12 weekly applications. I was left a little cynical, and for the hefty price tag of £399.99 (although Boots are selling them for £299.99 at the moment), it felt like a huge investment and I hadn't seen enough results on the internet to work out if it was a wise investment or not, BUT my hatred towards my under-arm hair and the dark shadow that remains even after I've shaved kept me googling them. 

I was very kindly offered to try one about 6-8 weeks ago and was thrilled to get to try it. The product itself comes in a box to keep the equipment in with a large, printed cardboard sleeve over it. 

In the box you get, the IPL machine, instructions and iPulse activator gel

The machine is formed of a meter which tests your skintone to accurately deliver the correct level of light, and a handset which contains the IPL bulb. There is also a detachable mains source.  

Here's how my underarms look at the beginning (gross alert). This is the day after shaving and as you can see I have stubble and that pesky dark shadow that just doesn't go away. (the dark mark above is my birth mark)

To treat the area, you have to start by cleaning off deodorant and products and shaving the area. Then take out the skin tone meter, press it to your skin and press the button. You will get a rating from 1-5 (my skin is around a 1-2 depending on if I have a tan or not). You then drop this into the machine base unit which starts up the handset. Apply a thick layer of activator gel and you're ready to go. 

You work by pressing the handset onto the skin, waiting until contact is made and the white light in the handset comes on, look away and press the button. The sensation ranges from the feeling of an elastic band snap to a tingle and is getting less and less as I keep using the machine. I work in lines from top to bottom, ensuring I cover the whole area. 

Afterwards my under-arms looked like this:

They were quite pink and irritated for a few hours, although my skin seems to have gotten used to it in the proceeding sessions. Sometimes I find I get a few "spots" under my arms a couple of days after but they go away quickly and aren't painful.

After 4 weeks, you start to see a difference, and halfway through the sessions I'm seeing a huge difference.

This is again taken the day after shaving. As you can see the shadow has completely gone. There are a few hairs still trying to grow in the very middle but they are much slower and I only really have to shave them every three days.

Close up, you can see the skin is hair free! I'm really delighted and it made my most recent holiday much less stressful, I didn't have to worry about booking a wax or not raising my arms!

The only issue is, as the treatment area gets less and less of an issue, I'm forgetting to treat it as it doesn't bother me anymore! I've written them into my diary now to prompt me to continue with the final 6 and I'm expecting excellent results but I'll update you. I'm even considering doing my bikini line...

This is only a brief update review, but I'll let you know with an in-depth post when I've finished. 


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