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26 Sept 2013

Review: Carmex Tinted Moisture Plus Lipbalms

I'm a huge fan of Carmex lipbalms, I always have one in my handbag, one in my makeup bag and one in my car... I wish I was joking. When I was asked if I wanted to try out the new tinted Carmex lipbalms I was very excited. I've been looking for a sheer lipstick for a few weeks now, something to give a bit of colour but not too much as I'd like to look fairly natural (other than my huge liquid eyeliner obsession) for my new job. 

I was sent two colours, Sheer Pink and Sheer Berry

Sheer Pink is much less pale than the packet indicates! The colour in the tube is a vibrant Barbie pink. It is packaged in these more lipstick-like tubes to make it easier to apply and still has that lovely vanilla scent. 

The colour itself comes out the colour of the painted end of the tube - a pale Barbie pink. The coverage is really good, this is what I'd consider a normal application of lipbalm and it's given a really lovely colour. The formula is what I'd expect for Carmex - lasts a good few hours and leaves my lips super-soft and kissable which is necessary in this changeable weather. 

Sheer Berry is a much deeper colour, and the stain the the tube looks the same colour as the paint on the packaging. 

When applied, it gives a more sheer coverage than the pale pink I'd say, but it's a really flattering raspberry tone of pinky-red. I'm really a huge fan of this colour and it's become my new work lippie. Again the formula is what we all know and love from Carmex and lasts a while, but as it's a darker colour I noticed that whilst my lips still felt moisturised, the colour had gone a little patchy so checking a mirror is still important as with wearing any lipstick. 

Overall I'd say I'm really impressed and will be buying the Sheer Berry colour more often, although I'll be sticking to the clear stuff for the car in the future - don't want to get somewhere looking like Bridget Jones after her applying makeup in the taxi moment!


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