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11 Sept 2013

F&F Couples Chino Challenge!

A couple of weeks ago F&F contacted me with a challenge - to get myself and my boyfriend Sam to style around a fashion classic, the chino. However who styled each look is a mystery and next week you will get a chance to vote for your favourite look! They kindly gave us up to £100 to spend on our style.  Here are our looks:

The Chinos we styled around

Look 1 - The jumper

Watch - Casio
Shoes - Primark

Look 2 - Men's cardigans

Cardigan - F&F twisted yarn cardigan £16
T-Shirt - F&F t-shirt £4
Watch and shoes as above

Which look do you prefer? Who do you think created each look? 

I think it might be tough to tell who's who - we both seem to have the same fashion sense!

Thank you to Sam for taking on this challenge! It was quite nerve-racking for him to become a model for a day! From 18th September there will be a vote for the favourite outfit, and the winning couple could win a  romantic weekend getaway which would be amazing as today is our "year from our first date" anniversary! 

So help us settle it, which is the most stylish gender? 


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