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18 Aug 2013

UGG Boots - Leather Gershwin Review

I have to be honest, I've never been the biggest fan of UGG boots. I have some fake ones from Marks and Spencer as my slippers in winter, but I've never been drawn to the classic UGGs, thinking of them as a bit of a fashion don't; so when I was emailed by UGG saying they had a new range in which I might be interested in and asking if I wanted to try some out I was really interested and skipped off to have a look

Messy, rainy hair

I saw these leather boots and was immediately smitten - they are gorgeous, sturdy, leather biker boots but have the sheep skin furry lining that I've always craved (and been jealous of from the UGG boot wearers). These are the UGG Gershwin boots - coming in at £225 these are not cheap, but are completely waterproof, really comfortable and so warm. With the weather being a bit on the turn, I wore these out shopping on a rainy Saturday and was really pleased

I love the buckles! They have a zip up the side to make them really easy to put on and decent soles with lots of grip 

In these boots I'm set up for the next few Winters (and rainy Autumns and Springs). There are some reviews online saying they're quite narrow, and with all the fur I'd agree, but they're not uncomfortable on me and I really like them. Now I've looked into UGG and seen they're more than the classic UGG boot, I've been really loving these boots too...

UGG Esplanade - £180

UGG Caraby - £145

UGG Jena - £245



  1. They're awesome! I actually love what UGG have been doing with fashion recently - I loved their summer wedges too but these boots are so cool!

    PS. Very pretty front door! :)

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