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14 Aug 2013

A Lovely London Weekend - Hummingbird Bakery and Summer Screen

Since I've been seeing my boyfriend, we've had a shared list online of all the things we want to do, see, places we want to go and we try to do something every opportunity we have. The only issue is the list keeps getting longer faster than we can do things! 

Anyway one of the things on the list is Sam wanted to go to an outdoor cinema in London. I did some research and found he meant the Film4 Summer Screen in Somerset House and as soon as tickets came out I snapped some up as a treat for him! 

We went on Saturday which was a triple bill - Mean Girls (the most amazing film), Carrie, and The Loved Ones. I made my own picnic, booked a hotel and we went up for a brilliant weekend. 

We arrived in London and walked to our hotel in Waterloo

I'd dyed my hair ginger for the weekend!

I made a picnic of sausage and stuffing rolls, mini cheese, bacon, leek and mushroom quiches, lots of cakes and pink wine!

At the film

The summer screen was brilliant! The films started at 9, so we managed to watch Mean Girls and Carrie before we were too cold and tired and left before The Loved Ones. People turned up with blankets, onesies, their duvet covers, pillows and huge picnics. I'd recommend taking anything you can carry. As we had 2 days in London we took a collapsible cool bag and a blanket but could have done with more really as the ground was very hard. We got there about 8 (doors opened at 7.30pm) and there was already not much room left but we found somewhere we could snuggle and lots of people left after Mean Girls so we could stretch out. The atmosphere was amazing, people were cheering, quoting lines and getting really involved. We loved it. 

We then took a stroll through London at 1.30am and it was beautiful. The pink wine probably helped make it really magical too! 

Before the weekend, I was emailed by the Hummingbird Bakery (squeal!) asking if I wanted to go along and sample their new cakes! I am the biggest fan of the Hummingbird Bakery books so had a small meltdown and was very star-struck! We went along at lunch time on Sunday. They had loads of new things including rainbow cake, chocolate cakes, grasshopper slices, peanut and chocolate whoopie pies, bubblegum whoopie pies and new cupcake flavours. I was in heaven...

We tried a peanut and chocolate whoopie pie while we were there with a lovely Tea Pigs cuppa. It was indulgent and delicious. I loved the marshmallow-texture middle and the gooey cake. 

Of course we also had to try out some rainbow cake to see what it's like - it was super thick like a red velvet cake, and the icing was bubblegum flavoured. It was like my childhood dream come true so we took a slice home! 

I got chatting to lovely Emily who was amazing there - she also writes a gorgeous food photography blog so PLEASE go follow her on bloglovin

Afterwards, we wondered through Soho to Covent Garden and went to check out Five Guys (another thing on our list) via a good spending spree in Paperchase from me! We had the cheeseburgers with everything and they were amazing. They don't look so delicious but it was the most tasty burger ever

Overall, the Summer Screen was brilliant, Hummingbird Bakery remains my favourite place in the whole world and Five Guys is totally worth a try! 


  1. hummingbird is the best isn't it! seems like the perfect day in London, with the burger to top it all off - i am anxious to try Five Guys out very soon x

    Miho @ Wander to Wonder

  2. This looks like such a fun weekend. I've never thought about going to an outdoor film before but now really want to.
    I also NEED to try a peanut and chocolate whoopie pie! x

  3. How I envy your life! I would also like to have you as a happy life! There is no taste of the cake, the beloved boyfriend!


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